About ABC Travel Concepts


Satou Sabally (Tus Lichterfelde, 2. Bundesliga, WNBL, U18-Nationalmannschaft, ABC-Member Basketball 2014, 2015):

“I’m so happy to join the ABC Travel Team in San Diego this summer. I think there are not many places, which you would prefer to play basketball for the first time in the US. It’s nice, that somebody is interested in the development of players, who want to study in the US and get some attention of the coaches. The team is on a high level this year, so i’m sure we will reach our goals. My last journey to Vienna was really succesful and was great fun. I hope, this will be the same this summer!”

PlanteauGuillaume Planteau (Director of Basket & Aventures and partner of ABC Travel Concepts):

“I have been working since 4 years with ABC Travel Concepts & Heike Juergens, i am very impressed by the way she develops the concept of helping young players getting an education in the US and keep practicing their passion of basketball at a higher level. She takes care of her players as if they were her own children. Her faculty to recrute/evaluate players is professionaly well done. We are pleased to send her our campers who are in need of searching for a US school, I highly recommand her as a top placement company in Europe.”

Franz-PohlmannChristian Franz-Pohlmann (Coach FSV Gütersloh Women Bundesleague, holder of UEFA-A-License and ABC Coach 2013):

“ABC helps not only in getting scholarships in America, but enables the girls to take a look at the country, culture and the college. In Heike Juergens by its side, the team has support on a high level being given support with words and deeds. What a great project!”

Tarik Vahle (Post SV Nürnberg, ABC-Member Basketball 2013 & 2014):

“ABC allows once-only experiences for life and connects people through the sport. To compete with others on the highest level and the chance to combine studies and basketball is a dream of every athlete, which can come true through ABC.”


     Lina Filter (ABC-Member Soccer 2013):

    “Our ABC-Team was great, everbody had fun and besides soccer we had the chance to see many things and had a lot of great experiences.”


Georgios Tyrekidis (ABC-Member Basketball 2014):

“ABC Travel Concepts is a good opportunity for young talents in Germany, who want to do their first step on their way to college.”


Torsten Steinort (Father of ABC-Member Lasse Steinort 2013 und ABC-Member Neele Steinort 2014 & 2015):

” ABC is not only a travel agency offering high standards basketball and other teamtravels but much more! To me being a father of an athlete the personal engagement of the ABC Team (coach, chapparones and Heike Juergens) is an important aspect in which in my view ABC Travel is unique. Examples therefor: individual support starts practically one year prior to travels prior to traveling the players will form a team and participate in a tournament , so they play better as a team and chances imrpove to get recruited active support to build up academically skills such as SAT or ACT to be eligible for a college scholarship In the States players get to know the area and the people (University and city sightseeing) excellent contacts towards coaches and universities with posttravels the support of ABC Travel continues support in evaluating colleges that offered and continious search for matching universities My conclusion with our decision to have both of my kids enabled this basketball travel we became addition to the family, the ABC Basketball Travel Family. That is why I can highly recommend ABC Travel to all players that would want to study in the US and play high level sports. “