Sport Scholarships

ABC evaluates the sportive achievements of the athlete.
ABC gives support with:

NCAA DI & II (four year colleges) with a Bachelors degree
NAIA DI (four year colleges) with a Bachelor degree
NJCA (two year colleges) with a neccessary transfer to an NCAA or NAIA college in year three

Also ABC gets the communication between college and athlete or ABC and college concerning an athlete going and keeps it until a recruiting has been successful. All students of the highschool years 9-12 are welcome with an agelimit of 21 years. Transferstudents are welcome and could be older than 21 years.

ABC evaluates the academical achievements of the highschool student or student under 21: included are all 8 highschool transcripts (official translations are done by an official translater at additional cost) support in SAT or ACT and Toefl testing about location, best matching dates and access to free online tests is given.

Direct Full Scholarships (traveling not neccessary)
– Full Scholarships (men and women in basketball with travelling, in soccer women with traveling)
– Partial Scholarships (travelling not neccessary in all NCAA sports, also in basketball and soccer men and women with travelling)

Average full scholarship amount per year four year college: 39000$/year with graduation after four years with a bachelors degree

Average full scholarship amount per year two year college: 20000$/year with a neccessary transfer after year two and no degree yet.