ABC Journey

ABC Travel Concepts Journey

ABC Travel Concepts offers different formats of travelling for students (senior classes) in summer. The journeys are offered for basketball and soccer, build as tournament-journeys. The teams practice together, play tournaments and get enough time to become aquainted with the United States of America.

The ABC journeys are always in the month of July. This is the last month for the college-coaches to recruit players. During this time period there are the most qualification tournaments of the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association). The participation on the tournaments allows the athletes the attention of diverse college-coaches, so they get the chance to receive a scholarship.

The optimum for an athlete is a so-called “MATCH”, which means the participant aquired a scholarship through ABC Travel Concepts.

Who can participate?

The maximum age for the journeys of ABC Travel Concepts are 20 years. The students have to be in senior classes.

Which teams perform?

This summer ABC Travel Concepts will travel with a soccer team (girls) and two basketball teams (girls & boys).

Who supervise the athletes of ABC?

Our teams are accompanied by selected supervisors, who already have been in the US and played in a International Travel Team for ABC or are currently studying in the US. Thereby we like to generate an optimal support for our athletes.

Who are the coaches?

Every year there are selected and certified coaches for ABC Travel Concepts. Besides practicing the athletes on the highest level by the German coaches, the cooperation partner San Diego Sol (USA) and Basket Aventures (France) support the teams in summer.

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